It’s hard to make real articles on my current activities lately, because I make more “banal” stuff, like feeling, walking, picking, …. And my work with the spirits cannot yet be describe : I can’t actually analyse what happens. I feel, but can’t understand, can’t explain, can’t even find words. I guess I need more time and practice… [And apart from that I work everyday with Morrigan for my path and the Temple]

What I can say, still, is that I explore many things. I try to remember the names of plants, some properties, I take things from the forest and thank her, later I come back with offerings, … And I work to identify the spirits I encounter (their nature) and the type of place they like. Eg : moss, certain trees, light or shadow, …. There is the Spirit of the Forest herself, but there are also spirits that dwell here, passing spirits (visitors), fairies, earth elemental beings, …

And for a week, I’ve been obsessed and dreamt of spindle tree without even realising. But today for my weekly walk in the forest, I’ve seen some, and I couldn’t repress my yearning to pick up a branch, the which is totally alive. I then realised that it’s a guiding spirit…. so obvious but I couldn’t see. I decide then to begin a cycle of work with the spirit of spindle tree to see what it wants to teach me. It will be a rich experience I’m sure.


Morrigan’s Sanctuary

I wish there were here some people who can read french, at least a little.

I present here to you a personal project which did not came from my mind, but directly from Morrigan Herself. One night as I was surfing on the Internet, She “rode” me as I think one says : She possessed my spirit/mind and made me create this Sanctuary which was to be a public place of devotion. It is more complicated, because it’s also a personal thing : this is Mabon and I chose to engage deeply to Her as She asked me one year ago (see the article “Inside the Cave”), so this Sanctuary is also planned to host my personal experiences as Morrigan’s follower, my studies, … and so on. But I/She wanted it to be public : to people to get to know her, but also a place to collect information, to share studies, articles, ressources, devotions, … So people are encouraged to send their personal testimonies, articles, drawings, poems, links, …

This is huge for me, this marks a very important and deep step in my spirituality. I wish I could share it with you.