Dionysos’ welcoming rite

I could not find any other name for such a ritual. I guess the simpler, the better ! And indeed, that’s nothing more.

As Dionysos appeared in my spiritual life in a much insistant way than before, and since I asked for his guidance, I felt obliged to Him. I felt I had to DO something to mark my intentions. And so I did, I performed a rite which I named the “welcoming rite”. When I talk of my pantheon, I mean “working pantheon”. Since I’m a hard polytheist, I believe in every God, and I could perform an act of devotion to any of them. So my pantheon is the pantheon of Deities with whom I “work” : perform rituals, meet during transes, do particular things, …. the ones with whom I have a peculiar relationships (or the ones I chose)  – But let’s get back to Dionysos. I then chose to put him in my pantheon (in the explained sense)  and I felt the need to declare to him by a ritual.

The rite itself was very simple. In the afternoon I went to the wood the relax myself, and I found savage berries : brambles (blackberry) and dogwood’s berries. I first thougth it was for myself and my altar, but I then realised “hey, wasn’t looking for proper offerings to Dionysos?” And indeed, it was it. I waited for the night to come and be real dark and I performed around midnight. I went to my altar and used my body to create the sacred space (to draw the sacred energies), then put the candle of Sannion on the corner and the 4 elements (my artisanal bowl for water, a feather for the air, candle for fire, and chesnuts for earth). I spoke to open the ritual, presenting my “request” : I was here thanks to his Devotee Sannion (white candle). I lit an extremely red candle for the God, red like wine, for the God of passion and extremes. Then I presented in the air my cauldron with offerings of fresh leaves and the dogwood’s berries. I spoke a lot actually, talking with Dionysos as I rarely do with Gods. Presenting the elements, the fire, speaking of me, of the oracle I received from him… And then I explained that I was now aware of his presence and willing to listen to whatever He says, to work with Him if He wanted, giving him a “real” place in my pantheon. And as a mark of this “partnership” I dedicated the blackberries (bramble) and eat them as a sign of communion. I made a time for silence, praying or so, letting the energies flow. And then I went away from the altar, but I let the candles on : it was for me a sign that the God is welcome.